The Cult of Personality

The Cult of Personality

Them. The Man. The Media. Power. Prestige. They’re who we struggle against, the ones who keep us down. That’s not to say there aren’t any aces in their midst. There aren’t, but you didn’t hear that from us. Jackpoint only provides an unbiased view of the world. How it really is..

Mr. Johnson


Johnson. Smith. Jones. Keller. All fake, just like the name a Runner goes by. All necessary. They’re the Enemy and the Employer all wrapped up into one anonymous corporate employee. You might hate everything about them, but they’re your one lifeline against the corporate overlords – they have money, and they are more than happy to give it to you to stick to their competitors. Of course, you never trust them. Why would you? But remember, lack of trust cuts both ways…

Tetsuo Nobunaga


Tetsuo Nobunaga – the mysterious head of the new Ouroboros corporation. Was he the mastermind behind potentially the greatest economic coup since the first extraterritoriality agreement? Where did both he and Ouroboros come from? Has he truly cast aside his old Yakuza connections, or is that just a convenient truth for the screamsheets? We only know one thing – we know nothing about him, and that makes him dangerous.

Katsumi Fukumori

Ouroboros – PR

Katsumi – Tetsuo’s apparent right-hand woman, the captain of a rather powerful and talented public relations army. It would seem that she is to blame for her boss’s media blitzkreig. With her marketing acumen, combined with his animal magnetism, they are currently presenting the most well liked public face present in the corporations today, which makes us hate them even more. There is much speculation about her past, which is almost as well hidden as Tetsuo’s. What is certain is her family’s involvement in the Yakuza. Like Tetsuo, she seems to have distanced herself from them. What piques our interest is that if they share that common element from their past, how much else have they shared?

The Cult of Personality

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